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Yes you can lay our turf this time of year no problem

From our family Owned St Helens based Turf Nursery we supply a really good quality seed grown and cultivated lawn turf that is best described as a luxury sports lawn, a dense combination of fine fescue contribute to the outstanding finish. With the benefit of 20% dwarf rye, our turf is durable for sports uses such as golf fairways or back gardens that take daily punishment and heavy foot traffic. We supply to thousands of garden enthusiasts in St Helens,Liverpool and the surrounding area.

Our Turf farm head office is situated on rich fertile land just off the A 570 bypass in the village of Rainford, We chose Rainford as it is basically an urban island surrounded by thousands of acres of flat, light & fertile ground perefct for turf production, we also have great road links approx 6 miles outside of north Liverpool enabling us to carry out fast daily drops into the city as well as most parts of Merseyside and West Lancashire, we also grow turf at several other sites around Lancashire & Cheshire

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  • Add 1 ton bags of soil to turf order, (our bags contain approx 1000kg)
For orders over 200 sqm discounts are available
Grown on Merseyside

Buy turf & soil together and save tons of

We are specialist topsoil suppliers, we supply a high quality rich black farm sourced topsoil tested bs 3882 and tested for contamination which can be supplied upon request.

Buying topsoil can be a very confusing task with so many grades on offer, topsoil can range from around 25 per tonne to in excess of 100 per tonne, the problem with cheap recycled soil is that it has usually been sourced from skips then screened and quite often it is contaminated with fragments of glass,oil and diesel. We only supply good quality topsoil, our soil is made up of a mixture of approx. 70% rich black west Lancashire loam and 30% organic compost to add an extra kick of natural nitrogen, we have found this mix to be a good all rounder for pretty much all gardening applications from using under new turf for rapid rooting to planting flower beds and growing fruit and veg. The Natural nitrogen in our soil will help make your new lawn green and help your plants to flower and the natural potash will help them make great root. TOPSOIL CAN BE ORDERED IN BULK BAGS CRANED OFF OR SMALLER ORDERS SUCH AS 1 TON OR 2 TONNES WITH SMALL TURF ORDERS CAN BE TIPPED OFF LOOSE ON YOUR DRIVE , THIS WORKS OUT CHEAPER THAN PAYING FOR BAGS ON A CRANE TRUCK AND MAKES SHIFTING THE SOIL QUICKER AND EASIER !

Our blended Rainford Black topsoil/compost mix is in high demand!!


  • Rich Black Topsoil
  • Tidy No Mess Bags or tipped loose
  • Discounts Based On Volume
  • 2 ton loose loads on small tipper that will fit on driveways
  • 10 ton loose loads
  • quality soil
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Planting Borders
Growing Veg
Flower Beds

Football Pitch

Looking for turf for your sports club?

We are always on the ball!

Our Turf is a vigorous blend ideal for areas of extreme wear and tear, such as football fields and large scale landscaping projects.

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Looking for family lawn turf?

Look no further!

Our turf combines a great appearance with all the hard wearing qualities required for heavy repeat use.

Why buy from us?

Product Quality

We only ever sell farm sourced topsoil, never ever recycled or skip waste topsoil that has been screened we refuse to even sell these soils as a cheaper option becuase we do not want them on our site. They have no place in a healthy garden, contain little goodness and should not really even be described as topsoil. Topsoil should only be used to describe the best quality soil fit for the top few inches of ground.


We only ever deliver with our own vehicles which are all fitted with cranes meaning we can usually always get the goods exactly where you want them. Unlike many companies who outsource their deliveries to national hauliers who usually turn up with the dreaded pump truck.


As well as great products, we like our customers to also feel that they have had a great service. This means good communication, such as a courtesy call 1 hour before delivery,pleasent helpful uniformed delivery drivers and 100% satisfaction in the products you receive, feel free to inspect your goods and if there is any reason you are not happy we will take them back and refund your money 100% no problem.


tel - 07597084363

  • Delivery is made to the safest point for the driver and vehicle
  • The goods remain the property of the company until paid for in full
  • We will not accept liability when asked to leave the road and go on to private property
  • Turf is a perishable product and the the customer will be responsible for the condition of the goods after delivery